These are the adventures of Andy and Sally Rawnsley on their narrowboat "The Puzzler". We have been living on the boat for over nine years now and are still loving it. Our Ulster born Shih Tzu, Shannon, has grown up, and has taken over the boat! After three wonderful years in Ireland, we transported The Puzzler to The Netherlands, and spent a year there. In 2015 we went southwards, to reach the north of France by June. After glorious weather throughout the summer, we arrived in Roanne in late October, and enjoyed our winter in this friendly port. We cruised extensively in France in 2016, 2017 and 2018, returning to Roanne each winter.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

12th - 14th June. Cherry picking, then across the Ketelmeer, on to the River Ijssel / Rhine.

Sailing on along Hoge Vaart, the canal in the south of Flevoland polder, we reached the mooring known locally as Cherry Wood. We explored and found out why!

Sadly there were many cherries out of reach, but we still managed to collect nearly 2 kg. Wild cherry gin should be good!

Much of the eastern part of the Flevoland polder is planted with wheat, which is nearly ready to harvest.
Reaching Ketelhaven, we went straight into the sluis, to go up five metres, and out on to Ketelmeer. It is quite a short crossing, with wind force 2 - 3, but we were glad to get across. It was uncomfortable, but not at all dangerous.

This fishing boat was at anchor, but looked ready to go.
Seeing this signpost reassured us that we had followed the correct markers, and were now entering the mouth of the River Ijssel, known further upstream as the mighty River Rhine.
Shannon was pleased to be allowed up on the roof of The Puzzler again, as it is out of bounds when out on the big waters. The marker above her left ear says 1003, as we are 1003 kilometres from the start of the navigable Rhine.

This is a new bridge over the River Ijssel, which has been built within the last five years. Despite its height, there is still an opening section needed in the bridge.
A little further on, our alternator belt screamed and then started to break. Luckily we were very near to a marina, so we pulled in for an hour to let the engine cool down. With a new belt fitted, we went back a short way to get fuel and gas from this bunker boat. It was not cheap, but was very handy.

This tall ship appeared behind us as we set off again and no doubt the new bridge was lifted for her. The little yacht to her right gives an idea of her size.
At Kampen we turned off the River Ijssel on to a smaller waterway, Ganzen Diep.

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